Neighborhood Wildlife

by the manix

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released November 11, 2011

It's Alive Records #65

"Neighborhood Wildlife" was written by The Manix
It was recorded by Dan Jensen February and March 2011
@ The Hideaway in Minneapolis
Mixed and Mastered by Jacques Wait
Additional backups on 'Jesus and Marketing' by D. Jensen
Art/ Layout done by C. Ayd
All songs © The Manix 2011

Corey Ayd - Guitar
Mike Cranberry - Drums
Steve Svensson - Bass
Tyler Rasmussen - Guitar

everyone sings.

From the It's Alive Records Website:
Enough is enough. Minneapolis punk bands seriously need to take a year or two off and let the rest of the country catch up with their awesomeness. It really is getting ridiculous how many incredible bands call that city home. Being the land of a thousands lakes, I gotta believe it is something in the goddamn water. Sure, many of the bands coming out of MPLS have similar sounding styles, but why is that a bad thing if their styles of choice kick my ass every time?

The Manix are the latest musical champions from this magical land to have graced It's Alive Records with the privilege to release a record of theirs. Their debut album Neighborhood Wildlife is packed with a dozen jams that absolutely kill it with every listen! The songs showcase a great mix of the shoutalong go-for-broke anthems super-prevalent in the basement scene of today's midwest and the ultra catchy head-bopping melodies that are the core of all pop punk past and present. The lyrics are smart, thoughtful and heartfelt without any hints of trying too hard to be anything they aren't. The album was mixed at mastered by Jacques Wait - the man behind the boards for many an album from other MPLS locals such as Off With Their Heads, The Soviettes, Dear Landlord, Banner Pilot and The Gateway District - so you know this shit sounds tight!

Frontdude Corey Ayd spends his time away from The Manix as a member of the professional punk rock group Banner Pilot, so there's a whole wealth of incredible music to feed off of right there. He also sings like the hell-spawn lovechild fathered by Billy "D4" Morirsette after having had his way with dreamboat Zack "Landlord" Gontard. Drummer Mike Cranberry also plays in Nato Cole's latest rock group The Blue Diamond Band and is the sweetest dude on planet earth. I don't know too much about the other Manix men Steve and Tyler other than their names combined read like Steven Tyler (fuck that guy), they look like they are in Jr. High and they play guitar and bass like total champs.

How these kids in their early 20's come off sounding like the new demigods of punk rock I have no idea, but they do... It's gotta be the fucking water!


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the manix Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Fingers Crossed
I’m lying with my fingers crossed and I hope you come true. Farewell to the cheap escapes, they’re heartless like you. I won’t write you anymore, thought you had enough in store, I won’t write you anymore. Turn to endless stretch across thru, wipe it off your pitied face and you’ll get there soon. Hey you, I know what you’ve been through, I see you need just a little push and you’ll get there soon. I’m staring at this photograph; it’s the one left of you, without pain and no motivation it’s nothing like you. I won’t write you anymore, thought you had enough in store, I won’t write you anymore. Pounding hard to get some sleep keeps you from listening. I forgot to clench my teeth, clench my teeth waiting. Fuck all of the times I thought about it, all the shitty sleep before this town got crowded.
Track Name: Where Do We Go?
Where do we go from here? It was hanging so late by one last thread. It’s always too cold outside when it’s another night by yourself. Drudging with regret, side by side let’s pretend we never met. You quit your broken life and you’re trailing behind to find what’s left. It’s always a dead end road when you end up there by yourself. Chalk it up to another life lesson that there’s no reason why we’d forget. Habit tells us sit and wait through the sadness, but nothing ever gives you regret. I can’t, I won’t, I don’t know why I’m here beside the fact that I can hear what’s in my head It’s been screaming with me everyday.
Track Name: What's Myage Again?
Waking up like a geriatric’s dawn, bag o’ bones I’m an old party. Mid-twenty makes me so down trodden, gonna go out but why? My hands are shaking anticipating I've been waiting so long. I was young I was angry, now that’s all gone. Congratulations my expectations are elevated now that time has passed. When I changed it I made a promise who knew it would be so fast. This place is, is faded, I think I may have failed it. The pieces are broken now it's all smoke and bullshit. I won't waste my time this shitty place it can't erase. So I’ll just say goodbye cause I bled it dry. It irritates I can't escape I just don't know why.
Track Name: A Quiet Wry Anger
I can’t complain about tomorrow. Keep falling back on when tomorrow goes your way. Start with the blame I’ll start to follow. We venture there from where it came in the first place. I can’t complain about the awful things erased. So I’ll collect and compose all your orchestral woes. Opaquely flow through every day. Misled and content at the fact of good byes . You know why they wanna go home. I could walk right on to tomorrow but I would rather keep my sorrows to myself, I pull the shade then I say “I’ve gotta go” with all excuses I made my shut-in case. I can’t complain about the awful things erased.
Track Name: Another Message
Where you been? Where you going? Things I don't know and I don't want to find out. Where you been? Where you going? Things I don't know and I hope I never think about. Another message sent to me, another bullshit guarantee. Another faded memory, let’s just wait and see. Will this turn out or will it fall flat. Bet you haven't thought about that. Goes down so easily, let’s just wait and see.
Track Name: Midwest In Jest
Warm me up, I’ll take one for the road, hope I don’t go and sleep through the day. I dry heave in quiet, take a shit on the clock. Wish my hangover headaches away. Last night around 2:20 in snow we were credible soaks, so regrettable. But when those dead December blues dull our brains while the cold is creeping through, Midwest in jest we favor friendly bars and fools. They don’t plow the ghetto. We’re nowhere near home. They don’t plow the ghetto. We’ll die on these roads. One of us driving but behind the wheel is a few too many settled up on their bill. Breathing in I’m going home. Blacking out I’m going home.
Track Name: Red Truck
No sleep we’re on the clock. Drink up to songs of simple drunks. Tonight this life feels right unless we dream. For all what they have earned, fuck black ties, their face of worth is just the shit we’ll never need. Night’s up we’ll sleep it off. Awake admit the days the days are rough Put on a face for fuck sake’s stay afloat. Hey world, is once enough to rid this fear I’m giving up if weekends at a time we go for broke. Still running back to the places where we’re never gonna learn. Grow up to be the earth, the shit and spit of birth. Where the kids will get at least what they deserve - no piece of what they’re worth.
Track Name: Hamms Across America
You set the bar and I’ll fall slightly below. I wanted you to teach me everything that you know. We’ve got a start but there’s a long way to go. And all of our mistakes they're starting to show. I take it one day at a time. Mistakes are made but they’re not all mine. This hesitation is only taking me so far. I make it just across that line. Sometimes I wonder but it all turns out fine. Can someone just please tell me where we are? You said repeat it I say fuck you I’m leaving. Can you give me a reason to stay? And I’m tired; all of my time is waste. Out of my mind I can't wait to throw it all away.
Track Name: Greatest Thieves
Make it holy, lose the only hope we ever had to die young and fucked up in all the good times. Father told me how to make it holy. So he's suffocating my beliefs, makes it look so easy. Repeat the phrase I don't know how to say. Another day in this room, scattered thoughts then pursue. And I can't go at this alone I know this. I stood there for an hour more, should have left, I did before. I wait for the day for you. Do it yourself and make the best defense even if you try to take the little things that drag you down and lock you up inside. We are the Greatest Thieves. I'm sick of writing, I'm out of words these days, I gave up trying, I should have walked away.
Track Name: Loose Brick
They caught the payoff that they’d overseen, I hope I could show you, I’d wish that you’ll see. You had to tarnish your hopes and your dreams, your voice grows so softly, the way I could be. Way off but they saw the simple routine. Who knew you would fall so far from the tree? Taken a reason if you’d mend so keen the choice is so blatant I wouldn’t agree. It’s just the way I’d be. This business is bullshit that’s borrowed by farewells, spent by the time to yourself. When progress sounds simple, meanwhile you’ve been waiting, for any chance to come by. It’ll pass you by. Tomorrow’s open for us to go home so old and hopeless with the kids all gone.
Track Name: She Believes in Jesus and Marketing
I’m up for the time just to say goodbye but I’ll keep a little evil - celebrations of the night. They’ll creep their way from sight aside, roaches littered under mattress springs, reminders of a lie. Throw it all out, my bedroom is a dump ground, I’ll throw it all out. Throw it all out, torn wrappers that I found from when you came in town. Get up in time for the Sunday lies. Every little sin I saved you left to pray them all away. You changed your clothes, then you changed your mind. Put on a face afraid of getting off and getting made. I’m nothing but a heartsick heathen. No, nothing but a heartsick heathen. I’m nobody but at least I mean it.
Track Name: This Old House
It’s not the flicker of the sign that bears the solution, the forty hour stretch that compares our conclusion. I know where I fault and who it’s for. This feeling in my gut contends that I know how. End of everything that’s all in the past now. I know where I fault and who it’s for. I’m thinking now about where I want to be. Cause all the seasons stayed the same again. I’m sinking down from a plan that couldn’t be. Mend the wounds again from all that’s left. You stood by my side and gave your opinion. A superficial lie I respect your decision. I know where I fault and who it’s for. This feeling in my gut knows all that I’m over. Everything you are, descends a cold shoulder. I know where I fault and why that starting over, it ain’t so terrible. Take what you can or what you will. Let’s burn this old house down…

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